Record Administration

Romana Pharmacy guarantees to maintain a complete medication profile on all residents at the Recipient serviced by the pharmacy. Prior to dispensing any medications, the Consultant Pharmacist shall review the prescriber's original written order or a direct copy to ensure that the prescriber's medication order is authentic, accurate and appropriate.

He/she will check the medication order for:

  • Resident's name
  • Signature of authorized prescriber
  • Name of the medication and ODB status
  • Dose form and strength
  • Route and frequency of administration
  • Duration of treatment, if limited
  • Complete directions for appropriate use
  • Date and the time order was written
  • Medical conditions, relevant diagnoses

Once authenticity is confirmed, the resident's medication profile shall be assessed to detect:

  • Duplication of therapeutically similar medications
  • Potential allergic or adverse drug reactions
  • Possible drug-disease incompatibilities
  • Significant drug-drug interaction
  • Correct dosage and dosage interval
  • Appropriate dosage form and route of administration
  • Problems related to intravenous administration including potential incompatibilities, drug stability, volume of intravenous fluid for medication administration and rate of administration
  • Appropriate length of therapy.

The Pharmacist shall resolve any questions regarding the prescription with the physician or the prescriber prior to dispensing a medication.