Packaging & Labeling

Romana Pharmacy provides medications in a packaging format suitable to the requirements of the customers. We are proud of our experience with different packaging system are ready to collaborate with the LTC and Retirement facilities to provide the best fitting system for particular needs.

All oral, solid dose medications are packaged in one of the following formats: the seven day multi-dose strip packaging, blister-packs, or dossettes according to the preference by the facility and its residents. Romana Pharmacy always ensures that packaging supplied to the customers is of the highest quality.

Some oral medications that cannot be included in blister packs shall be dispensed in vials or bottles as required.

Regardless of the packaging, all medications are clearly marked. Romana Pharmacy guarantees that all prescription labels shall meet the requirements of the Regulated Health Practitioners Act with advisory auxiliary labeling as it pertains to a specific drug. Both generic and brand medication names are printed on the label.