Consultant Pharmacist

Romana Pharmacy provides the services of a clinical pharmacist (Consultant Pharmacist) over the phone and/or Skype during business hours to all serviced facilities. For the facilities where the size warrants high level of involvement, Romana Pharmacy provides Consultant Pharmacist to be present on the premises at the agreed schedule.

The Consultant Pharmacist's goal is to ensure optimal pharmaceutical care while maintaining a complete medication profile on all residents at the Recipient serviced by the pharmacy. The Consultant Pharmacist shall ensure that a complete and current medication profile is available through computerized system.

The duties of the clinical/consultant pharmacist include but are not limited to:

  • For each resident of the Recipient the development of medication assessments, medication administration records and records for medication reassessments, and the maintenance and review of medication profiles, recommendations on drug therapy as deemed appropriate.
  • Conduct medication reconciliation on admission (within one week of admission), transfer, readmission and discharge.
  • Review new medication orders and resident's medication profiles, give recommendations based on any known facts about resident's renal function, laboratory results, drug interactions, and potential and actual adverse drug reactions.
  • Evaluation of therapeutic outcomes of drugs for residents.
  • Monitor emergency stock supply (restock supply, check the expiry date).
  • Provide drug information to physicians and nursing staff.
  • Provide workable terms of reference, sample policies and procedures for the Recipient as they pertain to pharmaceutical services and risk management.
  • Make recommendations and provide materials to the Committees on educational programs for staff.
  • Provide staff with ongoing education.
  • Ensure compliance with all criteria under the Medication Management Standards for Canada accreditation process.