Meet Our Team

Our Team

Allen Kula, B.Sc.Phm., FACA - Director, LTC Services

Mr. Kula has owned/operated retail pharmacies for over 42 years, having started his career at Koffler Stores Ltd., now best known as Shoppers Drug Mart. Right after his entry into the pharmacy arena he progressed rapidly to associate and store owner, assuming active roles in management and academia while working for Shoppers Drug Mart. Mr. Kula has made the most significant contribution in the retail pharmaceutical industry both by developing the knowledge through lectures and training other pharmacists and by improving systems and processes through introduction of innovation and improvement. His numerous achievements include, to name a few: development of innovative prescription filling systems; development one of the first stand-alone pharmacy computer systems in Canada through IBA Microsystems, which became the precursor to Flexipharm; establishment of web-based cross-border pharmacy services system. Throughout his career Mr. Kula has participated in a variety of retail pharmacy operations with four Medicine Shoppe stores in ownership. He is also currently engaged in investment advisory.